Freerider in front of mountain panorama
Skiers with equipment on ski slope
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Freeriding in Obertauern

Off piste paradise on top of Salzburg's Alps

Freeriders love Obertauern

Mountains, winter, powder, Obertauern. The fantastic four that fascinate all free riders searching for challenges. The geographic orientation which regularly accumulates plenty of snow from Mother Hulda - and makes the riders cheer who like to treat themselves to something special (please always safe, dear girls and boys). Sometimes the ways to the white glory are very short - the most wonderful hills can often be found close to the slopes.

Let's hit the snow!

Where the slopes end, the adventure begins for deep snow skiers. From the highest mountain stations there will be exciting opportunities for powder runs through untouched snow fields and gullies between rocks and trees.

Freeride checkpoints in Obertauern

Before you dare to hit the backcountry, make sure you are well informed about the conditions on the mountain. In the area of the mountain stations of the Hochalmbahn and the Kringsalmbahn there are freeride checkpoints. On these boards you will receive special and up-to-date information and rules of conduct for freeriding:

  • Current avalanche warning stage
  • LVS device checkpoint
  • Snow depth
  • Dangerous slope exposure
  • Temperature and snow height

Please observe the information of the avalanche warning service Salzburg in any case, check your freeride equipment and the function of your LVS device before you venture into open and unsecured terrain. Never hit the backcountry alone or without a LVS device.