Woman looking towards mountain panorama
Hotel Steiner exterior view in summer
family when hiking in the mountains
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Hiking in Obertauern

Hiking holidays in Salzburger Land

Nature on your doorstep!

If holidaymakers are dawdling in their rooms, we can’t help them! Where there is lively fun on the slopes in winter, the most marvellous landscapes for hiking and biking extend in summer. On foot or in the saddle you make your way to idyllic places in the heart of the Radstädter Tauern. While resting on a crystal-clear mountain lake, the view sweeps the snow-covered peaks in the distance, the rich green of the meadows and the blue of the sky - and this feeling of peace and happiness will overcome you ... Yes, that's what it looks like, summer at 1,752 meters above sea level!

Hiking with all senses

Accompanied from our well-being coaches! How does it fell, to walk barfoot over a dewy moss covered meadow --- to paddle in a cristall clear river bed and to feel the sandpapered stones in the water --- 2.000 metres over the everydays life - to breath in clear mountain air - and to breath out worries and stress? And to hear thereto nothing as the gentle whirring of the trees and the whistling of the marmots? To see, to smell and to taste the fullness of the mountain flora - to stop with pleasure: Our well-beeing coaches guide you to the most beautiful places – and to the wunderfull silence deep in your self.