Mountain bikers on a mountain meadow
Mountain bikers at a mountain lake
Mountain bikers at a mountain lake
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Mountainbiking in Obertauern

Biking holidays in Salzburger Land

Saddle-fast surprises await friends of the two-wheeled sport in any case. For who would have thought that Obertauern has quietly developed into a mecca for mountain bikers?

That there is "enough mountain" in Obertauern probably doesn't need to be told to anyone. But maybe you want to write down that there are no less than six totally cool mountain bike tours of different lengths with different levels of difficulty which are more than appreciated by the sports lovers.

Ready for a short foretaste?

So many love it - the “Alles Alm” tour where you can bike across no less than 8 alpine pastures, discover a mountain lake and take a picture of a waterfall while mastering sound 24 kilometres and 1,000 metres of altitude.

A true enjoyment also for more and more e-bikers who want to do something for their fitness and themselves.

Or how about the “Tauernkarleiten tour” - a fine appetizer with 390 metres of altitude on a total length of 7.6 kilometres.

The “Felseralm trail” and the “Johannes waterfall trail”? The waterfall pours down over a height of over 60 metres. A natural miracle which is enough reason to vigorously tread the pedals to experience this.

The special thing about it: A trail leads behind the water fall - it’s photo time! The facts: 17.5 kilometres - 470 metres of altitude. Encore: We only say “Tauernkaralm” and “Tauernkarsee tour”, the “Oberhütte Endure tour” or the magical “3 lakes Obertauern” tour.

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