Mountain lake at sunset
Man fishing at a mountain lake
Woman standing at a waterfall in the mountains
Hotel Steiner exterior view in summer
Couple sits on a tree at a lake
Family with children at a mountain lake

Summer in Obertauern

Summer holidays in Salzburger Land

Who'd have thought it?

You've been coming to Obertauern for the skiing for years; you're pretty sure you know every peak!

Suddenly the Zehnerkar, Gamsleiten, Hundskogel, Seekareck and the rest are covered with greenery - and the place has changed beyond recognition. Alpine farming is in full flow: cows grazing in the meadows and horses are enjoying the fragant alpine summer.

Summer at 1,752 meters

Aside from the tinkle of cow bells and the buzzing of bees, there´s scarcely a sound. At this altitude, you won´t find any flies, mosquitoes or similar annoyances. You can also be sure of avoiding other unwelcome side effects of the warmer months: there´s no pollen, no mites and no humidity or high temperatures. On the other hand, occasional flurris of snow cannot be ruled out - and these are best appreciated from the panoramic windows of the balmy indoor pool. Such is the richness of summer at 1,752 metres above sea level!

Mens sana in corpore sano - Only a healthy body disposes over a healthy soul!

But sometimes you have to do more for recovery. Allergies and coeliac diseases are minting our everydays life more and more. That also allergy sufferers may enjoy the fullness of holiday life, is us a big concern!

Holidays without remorses in every way

There is no chance for survival on an altidude of 1.700 m for pollen, mites and fungus. You can enjoy easy going days without repentence, ailments and any restrictions.

Whether culinary or at sleeping: Your body will be thankfull for delightful and recreative days, this is guaranteed in the Hotel Steiner. Our well trained kitchen crew is responsable for all dishes and menues. Please let us know with your booking if you need a special room for allergy sufferers.