So much NEW! since December 2022

Culinary delights
at the Hotel Steiner

An additional reason to come back again and again

Exclusively in Obertauern
- our Full Board Deluxe

When we first considered introducing a full board deluxe in our hotel in Obertauern we were a little bit sceptical ourselves. Thought about the “much too much” in club hotels, about second-class “all inclusive” and have put things aside for then. In the following year it was nudging us again. And we began to talk to the guests. To ask. And the families in particular were immediately hooked on the idea of being able to enjoy the Steiner delicacies exactly when they wanted. When the kids on the slopes fancy a comfortable and delicious meal. No matter whether hunger strikes at 12, 2 or 4 pm. And all of this without reservations, without the fight for a table in the hut. Deeply relaxed on the highest level. Not to mention the inviting breakfast or the dinner “à la Steiner”. All-day indulgence from 7.30 in the morning to 8.00 in the evening.

The best for your tastebuds

Only carefully-selected ingredients of the best quality are used by our kitchen team to create delicious meals for our guests. Seasonal products are featured and typical Salzburg dishes are plated up and turned into exciting new creations. Flavour always has the last word and it is one-of-a-kind!

Delicious memories

With its comfortable elegance, our restaurant also adds to a wonderful meal on your holiday. Eating together, being together and sharing the day's adventures makes the day a memory that will last a long time.