Family photo of the Steiners
Thomas and Andrea Steiner
Family photo of the Steiners in the snow
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Your hosts in Obertauern

Andrea, Thomas, Maximilian and Jakob. A family for families. A quartet of good spirits for duets, solos and more.

Since it always sounds a little odd to write about oneself, we asked a regular guest who has appreciated our hotel in Obertauern for over 15 years to briefly put his thoughts about us into words. And this is what he said: “Andrea has been here from the very beginning. Is here from the beginning. When you come into the house full of expectation the first time, full of anticipation from the second time. Cool hairstyle, was my first thought in those days. Not Salzburg at all, not Obertauern at all. Fits very well. Attentiveness and cordiality in person - but at the same time always staying true to oneself. Not speaking this German German which I sadly grew accustomed to in the Alps.

Thomas? A likeable, beaming rock. A man full of benevolence. You can feel the love for the profession, the love for the family, for Andrea. Every evening it is always such a magical moment for me and my family when we enter the restaurant and Thomas, Andrea and often other family members or relatives are sitting at the big table near the entrance. Not as a fake reception committee but as the Steiners who live here in the hotel. Whose living room is the hotel. They have shared with me that they only have a small apartment in the hotel because they regard the whole hotel as their apartment. And have furnished it accordingly cosy. Without frills, knickknack and not running after trends.

Coming in, being greeted, an honest smile. A fine start to a fine evening after a good day. The boys? Fortunately, they have not been made house mascots, they bring life into the house when they are here but they are never shoved into the foreground to the guests’ entertainment. And it is well. They are who they are. An incredibly authentic family whose roots will always be Obertauern and whose hotel is their own centre of life”. 

Maxi about Papa

I think I wrote my first letter to the Christ Child before I was born.
With the wish for exactly this dad. So don't you dare give me the idea that the Christ Child doesn't exist. Maybe it's because of my brother and me, two real bottles, that he has his love of wine, of these (he says) in bottles, which is reflected not only in the vinotheque but also in an XXL wine list. It's a good thing I don't have to carry it in my school bag - eh the backpack.
But Dad is also a great tinkerer who pulls the strings in the background, never loses sight of the big picture and is the perfect complement to Mom. A great role model for me - especially when I remember that family is the very, very most important thing to him. That's where the train goes over.


"For me, the most beautiful moment is when the departing guest is already talking about their next vacation here with us ... "

Andrea about Maxi

Pure cheerfulness - when I see him bustling around the hotel. While fooling around with the staff. Or when he's busy working in the hotel, which of course makes his mama's heart glow. Because you can feel that he is just beginning to slowly grow into the business.
And outside, in the fresh air, which he can never get enough of: Skiing, of course. But generally sport in all its facets. In summer and winter.


Thomas about Jakob

"Life stage friends" - who, fortunately, often come back. Again and again. This is perhaps how adults would talk about Jakob's "part-time hotel friends", with whom he loves to surround himself. He loves making friends with the guests' children, letting them in on the Steiner secrets and just having a cool time. Give and take. Besides his loving sociability, what impresses me the most and makes it fun? Not infrequently, in fact often, he marches in thick winter gear at the crack of dawn, long before the guests are awake, purposefully to the hotel exit, armed with a shovel, to compete with our Herzglut staff and the winter. Shovelling. PS: Rumour has it that he can be bought - and claims that many a bag of gummy bears has changed hands when it came to clearing a staff car of snow ;-)

Our underlying principles.

  • We do everything it takes to give our guests a carefree vacation.
  • Through ongoing investments, we increase the quality of our hotel and count ourselves amongst the very best in the hospitality sector.
  • We give each other mutual motivation and support, these making us an even stronger team. We combine this with quick, efficient work, to ensure our guests are always satisfied.
  • Tolerance and  appreciation: Things that each and every one of our employees can rely on. The result: joy in our work.
  • We prize detail, for it is in those little things that we seek the extraordinary.
  • And last but not least: A family ambience and sincerely felt friendliness play an exceptionally important role.

"It is my vision to become the best hotel in Obertauern, managed at the highest level and to strengthen the family atmosphere."
Thomas Steiner