Hygiene measures in the 4*S Hotel Steiner in Obertauern

Our precautions for your carefree holidays

Being.safe together

The attentive handling of products and the interaction with employees and guests has always been our main priority in our house. As a family hotel, the highest hygienic standard has also always been a matter of course for us and our team. Cleaning concepts according to HACCP standards and the compliance with disinfection concepts are therefore also not new to us and our team in COVID-19 times. To feel good and to be safe “with distance” - this will be our top priority in this winter and it will be perfectly possible in our house with the spacious restaurant and buffet area as well as in the 1000 m2 MountainSPA and the many comfortable places to dwell.

Special challenges

We look after you - look after us

This is the motto in our house. Of course, it is also our concern to protect our employees as well as other guests from infections. With a healthy measure of individual responsibility, the holidays can be enjoyed carefreely and safely.

Hygiene seal

Be.safe. Anywhere you can find our hygiene seal we have just freshly cleaned and disinfected.

Hygiene symbols including seal from the hotel in Obertauern

Frequently asked questions about Covid 19 - What happens if….

… accommodation is prohibited?
Cancellation is free of charge.

… the journey from your country to the hotel is impossible?
Cancellation is free of charge.

…you have to quarantine upon arrival or return?
Cancellation is free of charge.

…you or a fellow traveller is down with covid-19?
You booked additional travel insurance? Perfect, cancellation is free of charge and included in your insurance policy.
You didn`t book additional travel insurance? Cancellation is not exempt from charges.

… you have to quarantine shortly before arrival or upon arrival?
You booked additional travel insurance? Perfect, cancellation is free of charge and included in your insurance policy.
You didn`t book additional travel insurance? Cancellation is not exempt from charges.

…the Covid numbers in Obertauern are rising and you don`t want to travel?
Cancellation is not exempt from charges.


What you can do yourself:

  • Keep the minimum distance at the buffet and in the spa area, when you enter the restaurant, at the reception (you are on holidays - better wait for a few seconds)
  • Wash your hands and use disinfectant several times a day! To do so you will find fine soap and fragrant disinfectant by our local producer Mandlberggut in our public toilets and in your room.
  • More disinfectant dispensers can be found at all important points in the whole hotel.
  • For the disinfection during your holidays you have received a handy hand disinfectant as a welcome gift. Use it generously - should it become empty we will be happy to refill it at the reception!
  • In all public areas wearing a mouth-nose-protection ist mandatoried
  • Use the disinfectant dispensers or your own personal disinfectant before you serve yourself at the buffet
  • Avoid body contact with strangers (e.g. shaking hands)
  • Sneeze or cough in your elbow or in a handkerchief
  • You or one of your family members is not feeling quite well? Do not hesitate in any case - protect yourself and us! Stay in your room and contact our reception. Our trained team will contact the Austrian Covid centre (telephone 1450) or the local doctor.
  • A Covid-19 test is possible in the local surgery Dr. Aufmesser

For us it is important that holidays still mean holidays for you and that you can be sure that we will do anything to enable you to spend a carefree holiday with us.

What we do:

  • Cleaning and disinfection according to the highest HACCP concepts and under compliance with all current Covid-19 safety measures which are in force in Austria. In many areas our standards in the house are even higher. (certified by HAGLEITNER HYGIENE INTERNATIONAL GmbH)
  • All our employees with direct guest contact wear mouth-nose-protection
  • Should there be a suspected case, the employees will be tested immediately and isolated.
  • Cotton gloves will be served with the wine menu.
  • The menu cards as well as the morning post are made from recycled paper as usual and will be used only for your table
  • Online check in - with your anticipation mail you have already received the possibility to download our hotel app and to send all guest data already before your arrival
  • NEW: At the same time we offer our own hotel app which you can already download before arrival. You can find all important information about the house, our A-Z - the digital hotel folder - , the menus, the wine card, the morning post, the massage and beauty folder, etc. in the digital form.

  • Disinfectant dispensers in all important guest areas - but also behind the scenes (in the employee house, in the office and kitchen areas, in the reception and back office areas, in the supplier areas)
  • Contactless delivery (as far as possible) of the goods needed in the hotel
  • Our hygiene seal - anywhere you can see our hygiene seal we have just freshly disinfected
  • All areas in the MountainSPA are open under the condition of keeping the minimum distance, if needed with a recommended maximum number of people
  • Massage and cosmetic treatments are possible with the best possible protection (the therapists and guests wear a mouth-nose-protection)
  • Daily laser control of the temperature of all employees
  • Good ventilation of the rooms with fresh, cool mountain air is not only beneficial your organism, but also helps to clean the air and is therefore executed regularly
  • Come home for lunch! None of our guests has to go to a crammed hut for lunch. You will get back to the hotel comfortably and enjoy your lunch in a familiarly safe and carefree surrounding before you will head back to the slopes
  • Our MountainSPA opening hours from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm also let you enjoy a swim or a sauna visit apart from the usual times!

What Obertauern does:

  • A mouth-nose-protection has to be worn in the ski bus, in the ski depot, in the area of the ticket offices and the cable cars as well as in all means of transport (cabins, chairs etc.).
  • You will receive a face mask that is suitable for winter sports when you purchase your ticket.
  • On the slopes you are not obligated to wear a face mask.
  • The cabins and chairs will be aired as best as possible during the ride. Please take care to air the cabin or chair (by opening the windows or bubbles).
  • The cable car employees which are in direct contact with the customers either wear a face mask or are spatially separated from the guests (e.g. perspex panes).
  • In the gondolas and on the chair lifts, it is obligatory to wear a mouth-nose-protection (as in all means of transport). Therefore, the gondolas and the chairs can also be filled as usual.
  • The guests will be made aware of the current safety regulations by means of signs and loudspeaker announcements on-site.
  • The employees of the cable car companies are trained according to uniform rules and regulations concerning the corona prevention.
  • Carry your hand disinfectant with you even during skiing.

In Obertauern and around the top hotels there are several wonderful places to dwell or to be active. Fresh air is simply healthy, beneficial and stimulates the senses. Let us use nature and winter sports to gain new energy.

More information:

Our cancellation conditions

are valid in the usual form. We will also offer a SAFE holiday experience here by the Covid-19 cover of the European travel insurance. We guarantee comprehensive and honest information on the current development in Austria and in the village of Obertauern. SAFE together - this is the motto in Obertauern and will guarantee a SAFE skiing experience to every guest in Obertauern.

More information:
Europäische Reiseversicherung



We clean your room even more thoroughly

and air it before you arrive. Therefore, we have changed the check in time to 3.00 pm. It is not possible to move into your room earlier. The check out time is 11.00 am. Please bear in mind that the board and the use of the spa area begins and ends with these times!

Our newspapers and magazines have to be removed. You can of course let your usual newspaper be delivered to the hotel. Please contact your newspaper in this case. In the hotel you have the possibility to read the newspaper on your mobile phone, tablet or computer in our W-LAN network. Otherwise we ask you to organise your magazines or newspapers yourself and bring them with you.

Last but not least: We consciously do not want to forget the topic climate protection again and remember that our motto in the house is still “anti-plastic-waste”. Therefore we count on a thorough cleaning and disinfection and still refrain from additional packaging, re-packaging and providing innumerable plastic gloves.