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Team Herzglut: The employees at the four-star superior Hotel Steiner

The pride of the four-star superior hotel in Obertauern

Our solid rocks.

Quality, quality, quality. From the very beginning this has always been our prime concern at the Hotel Steiner. This begins with the own, personal attitude towards work and ends with moving the flower vase by 3 millimetres. And in the centre? The probably most important part that is crucial for the house’s success, for the satisfaction of the guests. Our employees. We don't just write that here, it is our rock-solid conviction. Which we try to live up to every single new day. Knowing that the 7th sauna can certainly not replace a charming smile.

When we talk with our guests we can often see that they mention the same when they tell us about our employees. That they give them the feeling of taking responsibility - a trait that you usually only know from the “bosses”. That they run the business, actively take care of the guest and read wishes already before they are expressed. This makes us truly proud and happy.

We reward this luck with above-average pay, an incredibly warm working atmosphere and matching accommodations in one of the leading hotels in snowy Obertauern.

Dear people, who are looking for an interesting full-year position (yes, we are also open in summer again from 2023 - we must close in 2022 because of reconstruction works) are welcome. Send us your application - or simply drop in in person?


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Arnold Huber


Our chef Arnold Huber, was already with us in 2006. His profession is his greatest hobby, he also loves to cook for his loved ones in private. It is very important to him to process regional products. "The end product can only be as good as the ingredients you use for a dish" says Arnold.

Arnold is not only a chef, he can call himself a master chef and a certified dietary chef. He has experienced so much in his career, including at the Hotel Brigitte in Ischgl, the Hotel Alpina in Obergurgl, the Tuxerhof in Tux and the Hubertushof in Anif. He has also gained his experience in Switzerland, Italy and England and yet his love for Obertauern has not left him. Arnold learned to ski in Obertauern with his dad when he was 3 years old and still remembers that there was always so much snow in Obertauern.

Anna Ausweger

Restaurant Manager

Anna is a recomer she also already was with us in 2019 as Chef de Rang.

Not surprisingly, because she loves the mountains of Obertauern this is also reflected in her hobbies (hiking, skiing). Her greatest hobby, however, is wine; she would love to know everything about her favourite subject, which is why she found the sommelier exam quite easy.

She also shares her love of wine with Thomas Steiner and the two have another thing in common, their favourite drink is Chardonnay.

Despite her young age, nothing can faze her - her greatest strength is always motivating the staff with her cheerful manner.

Fabian Gruber

Restaurant Manager

"If you don't have a smile on your face, you won't leave our restaurant" says Fabian our restaurant manager.Of course, the same goes for his Herzglut service team.

It is not always easy to keep the staff motivated, but he succeeds best with one "Schmäh" (joke) or two.He keeps an overview in stressful situations and that is perhaps also due to his background, including on the MSC Europa 2. His older brother was also in our Hotel and worked for us as Chef de Rang, and he recommended that he take a look at the Hotel Steiner.

In his free time, Fabian loves the mountains ... how fitting ... he enjoys ski touring and skiing.

Annabell Mooslechner

Manager Bergspa

Annabell, was born in Atlanta in august 1982. Her father is American and her mother Austrian. Here at Hotel Steiner she work as head of the beauty department. She is massage therapist, beautician and pedicurist therefore she can do nearly every spa treatment we offer in the mountain spa.

Her hobbies are her dog and quilting. She owns a male stud beagle which she takes to various dog shows in Austria and surrounding countries. Quilting is a family tradition and it is so much fun. She really loves to patch different fabrics and the results are always stunnig.

Christian Macheiner


"The man for everything" That is our janitor and technician Christian. From shovelling snow to handling luggage – Christian is always friendly and at hand when needed. For many years he has been absolutely essential to our staff team. A lot of his duties happen in the background – but are highly important for the smooth running of our house: e.g. monitoring of the indoor pool technology, control of the heating and air-conditioning units, all big and small repairs in the house, snow-removal with our shovel loader, shuttle-service, etc...

Christian is an authentic Lungauer – he completed his education at the ‚Technical College for Mechanical Engineering' in Hallein and after his national service he worked as a locksmith for the company Zanner. Two years ago we were lucky to win Christian for our business as house technician. One of Christian's passions is being a fireman at the station Mariapfarr. His hobbies include therefore the group of the voluntary fire service, skiing, mountaineering and touring.

Dragana Babic

Executive housekeeper

Years of experience, longest employee (more than 15 years) in the Hotel Steiner our housekeeper Dragana provides with her team for cleanliness in the house.

If she doesn't know the hotel inside out, who does?

Dragana never loses the smile on her lips and that's exactly how she motivates her employees every day anew.

Sometimes she raves for hours about how beautiful the couch they just cleaned has become. She trains her employees, often for hours on end, prepares duty schedules, takes care of the distribution of tasks, and makes sure that the team spirit and enthusiasm never wanes.

On her days off Dragana loves to do nice things with her husband Milen, her daughter and her son - we are all still waiting for the day when they all learn to ski together ;)

Jasmin Neuhauser

Head of Reception and Reservation

Attentive, reliable, ambitious and responsible are just a few characteristics of our head of reception and reservation Jasmin.

Jasmin applied for a job as a receptionist one year ago and was able to take on the role of reception superviser.. Thanks to her determination and her long experience, which she has already made in the best hotels in Austria, including at Burg Vital Resort, Ebners Waldhof am See and the Genusswelt Döllerer, Jasmin could be used as a full member of our team. So she has all the qualifications a head of reception needs and represents our Stefi (on leave) with our fullest trust. On her days off she prefers to go skiing with her boyfriend in wintertime or enjoy life while visiting a top restaurant.

Christina Schwaiger

Hotel assistant

Christina has been living in Obertauern all her life and knows the village and the surroundings like the back of her hand, she loves the mountains, the icecold mountain lakes and overflows with good spirits! The environment and nature are as close to her heart as the passion for vegetarian cooking and baking cakes!

As a hotel assistant, Christina works very closely with the host family. She is the link between the employees, the guests and the hotel management. Her tasks include the registration and deregistration of employees, different administrative activities as well as the coordination of the individual departments. The most extensive part consists of the management of the social media channels as well as the marketing at Hotel Steiner which Christina takes care of together with Andrea Steiner. You can often see her whizzing through the hotel all day long – taking videos and photos – rearranging a cushion every here and there, changing the fresh floral decoration, jump in and help clearing the tables or answer the telephone at the reception because all employees are busy with the guests at the moment. A young, good soul – who often keeps things in balance in the background – that’s our Christina!

Pass on the knowledge – only this way we can produce competent juniors in the sector!

And as we and our staff have comprehensive expert knowledge in all areas, we train our apprentices and pass our knowledge on to them.

And there are still – without any doubt - young motivated people who decide for an apprenticeship in tourism and want to find their calling in this job. We can count 5 of these young people among our team of employees. And we hope that there will be many more!

This is what our apprentices say:

Laura, apprentice as hotel and gastronomy assistant
Why did you decide for an apprenticeship in our house?
"I definitely wanted to do my apprenticeship in an upscale house, where I can learn a lot from my colleagues. I was keeping an eye on a first experience and I get the chance to work one week in Hotel Steiner. From the first impression I immediately liked everyone. They respected me and they showed me everything which is important at the reception. The whole team and the whole hotel convinced me and I directly started my apprenticeship."

Which reasons did you found to choose an apprenticeship in tourism?
"I love working in a team, experiencing and learning how to work together in all different areas. In this Hotel, there are also some other benefits for the staff:
accommodations are excellent, we get our work clothes from the hotel, our work clothes get washed in the house and there are regular working hours, even during the main season. Everyday new, exciting work is waiting for me and I never feel bored."