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Massage and beauty treatments in Obertauern

Massage & beauty in the MountainSPA

What would be more beautiful after a day of skiing in Obertauern than getting pampered with a pleasant massage or cosmetic treatment.

Where have they gone, the times when advertising kept us happy with slogans like "I only let water and CD touch my skin"? Or perhaps not. We want your skin to be touched by only the best of the best. This is why we love to give back to it what everyday life and the environment take away from the skin with the high-quality cosmetic products by Dr. Grandel. These products are complemented by nourishing oils as well as fresh herbs and salts by the company Kurland. Of course also in a certified quality. 

The treatments are very popular with the guests, so demand for them is high. To be able to guarantee you your desired treatments and appointments we ask you to best set them already during your reservation. The reception as well as the MountainSPA team will be very happy to help you.