Couple relaxed in quiet area

Quiet room at the 4*S Hotel Steiner

Oases of quietness in Obertauern

"Cosy oasis" and the "temple of light"

There is an area where life seems still. Where everyone walks quieter (if at all), where one only whispers (if at all) and the rustle of turning a newspaper page is the loudest noise: Find this at the "temple of light" or the "cosy oasis". There you will hear just yourself and you can not get enough.

Panorama relaxation garden

You quietly open the door and enter the room, snuggle up on a comfortable lounger and look out on the imposing mountain landscape. Whether summer or winter – the view of the lush green meadows or the cheerfully dancing snow flakes just about to lay down on the ski slopes in front of the hotel will clam you down and help you find inner peace.