Back to nature - body and soul in balance

Breathing out - breathing in - and let go ...

The best is even good enough:

In our mountain spa you will be treated and pampered with pure nature: with the biological cosmetic line of MARíAS Salzburg. The family business "Pieper Biokosmetik Manufaktur" produces since 25 years pure biological cosmetic, certificated through "AUSTRIA BIOLOGICAL GARANTY". The trade MARíAS®, derived of the owners name "Maria Pieper", and stands for products in highest quality: Unrefined vegetable oils and –fats, balmily vegetable watters, homey herbs and salts with absolute ethereally oils, are building the treasurable basis.

Hiking with all sences

Accompanied from our well-being coaches! How does it fell, to walk barfoot over a dewy moss covered meadow --- to paddle in a cristall clear river bed and to feel the sandpapered stones in the water --- 2.000 metres over the everydays life - to breath in clear mountain air - and to breath out worries and stress? And to hear thereto nothing as the gentle whirring of the trees and the whistling of the marmots? To see, to smell and to taste the fullness of the mountain flora - to stop with pleasure: Our well-beeing coaches guide you to the most beautiful places – and to the wunderfull silence deep in your self.

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