Summer in Obertauern

Discover the Richness of Life in Summer

Who´d have thought it?

You´ve been coming to Obertauern for the skiing for years; you´re pretty sure you know every peak.

Suddenly the Zehnerkar, Gamsleiten, Hundskogel, Seekareck and the rest are covered with greenery - and the place has changed beyond recognition. Alpine farming is in full flow: cows grazing in the meadows and horses are enjoying the fragant alpine summer.

Summer at 1,725 meters

Aside from the tinkle of cow bells and the buzzing of bees, there´s scarcely a sound. At this altitude, you won´t find any flies, mosquitoes or similar annoyances. You can also be sure of avoiding other unwelcome side effects of the warmer months: there´s no pollen, no mites and no humidity or high temperatures. On the other hand, occasional flurris of snow cannot be ruled out - and these are best appreciated from the panoramic windows of the balmy indoor pool. Such is the richness of summer at 1,752 metres above sea level!

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