Planned opening: December 13, 2021


It has also caught us on the proverbial wrong foot. The message of a sudden nationwide lockdown here in Austria which is in force since 22nd November and should help to give us all back our normal life again. Which causes us, but above all our dear guests and employees, unexpected inconveniences, which we are very very sorry about.

Resignation has never been one of our strengths. Thinking positive in the Steiner way, however, is one.

This is why our gaze, our focus, is now certainly not on yesterday but much more on tomorrow, which will bring us wonderful times with our wonderful guests.

We wish so much that in mid December we can say “open the doors” and “cast off” again – we, your family Steiner, together with you and our Herglut team. Get through the time well and don’t let it spoil your anticipation. It will be good things that will come.

Best wishes from Obertauern, from your hotel Steiner.