One for all, all for one

With us, people still cook, live, celebrate, love, kudert, jubilate honestly. Everything with a “G”. Like “HerzgGut”. And honestly paid.

Andrea Steiner

The team in general, it just fits.

Alexander, kitchen

Despite my young age, I was immediately offered a management position.

Anna, Service

The best thing is when I can spend my lunch break on the slopes. Simply wonderful.

Arnold, Kitchen

The working atmosphere is very family-like. The whole family works together.

Susi, Rezeption


"You can't choose your family".

We are a colourful bunch. Not much cat & mouse, more Romeo & Juliet. But with a happy ending. We can smell each other. But taste differently. Special blend – each to their own. Delicious fullness in an attractive shell. Almost like family, sometimes even better. And – listen and be amazed – that you can choose from in this case. “We are family” – living Steiner tradition.

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