Family Steiner. As they live.

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A family
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A quartet of good spirits for duets, solos and more.

For all those who want to get to know us a little better, we asked the candidates separately (as Susi used to say on “Herzblatt mit Rudi Carrell”?). Andrea, how she sees Maxi, Maxi what he appreciates in his dad, Thomas how he… – with one exception: we asked a regular guest who has been loyal to us for 20 years about me, about Andrea. How he sees me. Well, here we go.


A long-time guest about Andrea:

Andrea has been there from the beginning. Is there from the beginning. When you enter the house full of expectation the first time, full of anticipation for the second time. Cool hairstyle was my first thought at the time, not Salzburg at all, not Obertauern at all. A perfect fit. Attention and cordiality in person – but at the same time not this bending, this High German that I am unfortunately already used too in the Alps. Every evening it is always such a magical moment for me and my family when we enter the restaurant and Thomas, Andrea and often other family members or friends are sitting at the large table near the entrance. Not as an imposed reception committee, but as the Steiners who live here in the hotel. Their living room is the hotel.


Thomas about Jakob:

He loves making friends with the guests’ children, letting them in on the Steiner secrets and just having a cool time. Give and take. Besides his affectionate sociability, what particularly impresses me and makes it fun? Not infrequently, in fact often, he marches in thick winter gear at the crack of dawn, long before the guests are awake, purposefully to the hotel exit, armed with a shovel, to compete with our Herzglut staff and the winter. Shovelling.

The Team Steiner


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