Our towers of stength.

A charming
smooth bunch

The pride and joy of the four-star superior hotel

Quality, quality, quality. We have been committed to this concept at Hotel Steiner since the very beginning. It starts with our own personal attitude to work, and ends with adjusting the flower vase by 3 millimetres. And in the middle? Probably the most important part, which is decisive for the success of the hotel, for the satisfaction of the guests. Our staff. We don’t just write that here, it is our rock-solid conviction. And we try to live it every day anew. In the knowledge that the 7th sauna could certainly never replace a charming smile.

The working atmosphere is very family-like. The whole family works together.

Susi, Rezeption

The best thing is when I can spend my lunch break on the slopes. Simply wonderful.

Arnold, Kitchen

Despite my young age, I was immediately offered a management position.

Anna, Service

The team in general, it just fits.

Alexander, kitchen

With us, people still cook, live, celebrate, love, kudert, jubilate honestly. Everything with a “G”. Like “HerzgGut”. And honestly paid.

Andrea Steiner

Arnold Huber

Chef de cuisine

Our head chef Arnold Huber is a repeat comer, he was already with us in 2006. His profession is his greatest hobby, and he also loves to cook for his loved ones in private. It is very important to him to process regional products. "The end product can only be as good as the ingredients you use for a dish," says Arnold.

Anna Ausweger

Restaurant Manager

Anna is a perpetual recommender, she already stoned as Chef de Rang in 2019. Her greatest hobby is wine, she would love to know everything about her favourite subject, which is why the sommelier exam was so easy for her. Despite her young age, nothing gets her down, her greatest strength is always motivating the staff with her cheerful manner.

Fabian Gruber

Restaurant Manager

"If you don't have a smile on your face, you won't leave our restaurant," says Fabian, our restaurant manager. Of course, the same goes for his Herzglut service team. It is not always easy to keep the staff motivated, but he succeeds best with a "Schmäh" (joke) or two.

Annabell Mooslechner

Manager mountain spa

Annabell was born in Atlanta. Her father is American and her mother Austrian. Here with us she works as a department manager in the BergSPA. She is a certified therapeutic masseuse, diploma. She is a certified therapeutic masseuse, qualified beautician and chiropodist and can therefore cover our entire wellness spectrum. Her biggest hobby is reading, 400 (!) books a year.

Dragana Babic


Years of experience, longest employee (more than 15 years) at Hotel Steiner our housekeeper Dragana ensures cleanliness in the house with her team. If she doesn't know the hotel inside out, who does?

Christian Macheiner


"The man for all cases" That is our caretaker and house technician Christian. From clearing snow to luggage service - Christian is always on hand in a friendly and competent manner and is an indispensable part of our staff team.

Angela Hainz

Reception management

Attentive, reliable, ambitious and responsible and incredibly funny - these are just a few of the characteristics of our reception manager Angie. Angie started as deputy reception manager in 2021 and was able to rise to the position of reception and reservation manager in 2023. She loves to be on the mountain, on the slopes in winter and hiking in summer.

Christina Schwaiger

Hotel assistant

As a hotel assistant, Christina works very closely with the hotelier family. She acts as a link between staff, guests and hotel management. Her tasks include registering and deregistering staff, various administrative tasks and coordinating the individual departments.