Massage and beauty treatments in Obertauern

Massage and beauty treatments in Obertauern



Close your eyes, trust our trained hands blindly, follow the scent of the aromas. Before or after the activities out there. Massages in our BergSPA in Obertauern.

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The finest ingredients for fine, beautiful skin. At the Steiner Wellness Hotel in Obertauern.

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classic massage

relaxing massage

Classic. Individual. Relaxing.
Professionally coordinated massage technique for the back or the leg muscles. High-quality almond massage oil loosens the muscles, releases tension and releases new energy.

25 Min  |  € 45,00

full body massage

Classic. Individual. Releasing.
Gentle and deep strokes and effleurage detect and release tension. With skilful massage techniques, supported by highquality almond massage oil, the whole body is loosened and vitalised.

50 Min.  |  € 79,00

aroma oil massage

Relaxing. Personal. Exclusive.
An effective massage with individually selectable aromatic oil. The classic and holistic massage techniques loosen tight tensions and the body and mind can come to rest.

25 Min.(Teilmassage)  |  € 46,00
50 Min.  |  € 80,00

Mountain pine: mild, woody, fresh – stimulates & promotes concentration
Blood orange: fruity, fresh – has a mood-lifting, balancing effect
Lavender: herbal, sweet – has a cleansing, calming effect
Almond-apple: fresh, fruity, sweet – has a refreshing, invigorating effect

foot reflex massage

Balancing. Highly effective. Relaxing.
Special massage techniques are used to intensively treat individual reflex zones. This massage has a balancing effect on your body and internal organs.

25 Min.  |  € 48,00
50 Min.  |  € 84,00

lymphatic drainage

Draining. Calming. Balancing.
This soothing, rhythmic massage has a tissue-cleansing and decongesting effect. The gentle application is ideal for strengthening the immune system.

25 Min.  |  € 48,00
50 Min.  |  € 84,00


Sensitive. Soothing. Relaxing.
The gentle massage has a soothing effect on the neck and shoulder area and relieves the joints. An application that promises pure pleasure and relaxation for you and your little one.
1x Lymphatic drainage 50 min.
1x Anti-stress massage 50 min.
1x Elements of Nature 85 min.
Only € 286,00 minus 10 %

special massages

well-fit massage

Back and foot reflex massage
Balancing. Effective. Relaxing. With special massage techniques for the back, tensions are traced and loosened. The affected areas are then additionally stimulated via the individual foot reflex zones.

50 Min.  |  € 84,00

anti-stress massage

Effective. Vitalising. Releasing.
Special shoulder-neck massage and facial lymphatic drainage. To release headaches, migraines and painful tension. The subsequent facial lymph drainage improves the removal of waste products and toxins.

50 Min  |  € 84,00

head and neck massage alpine glacier

alpine glacier
Relaxing. Balancing. Effective. Soothing massage cools and releases tension in the shoulders and neck. Dissolves blockages in the energy circulation, clears the head thanks to mint oil and helps to breathe deeply.

25 Min.  |  € 45,00

Mountain pine: mild, woody, fresh – stimulates & promotes concentration
Blood orange: fruity, fresh – has a mood-lifting, balancing effect
Lavender: herbal, sweet – has a cleansing, calming effect
Almond-apple: fresh, fruity, sweet – has a refreshing, invigorating effect

Tauern magic massage

Personal. Relaxing. Exclusive.
Tailored to your individual needs and well-being areas, the Tauern magic massage pampers you in a magical way with a combination of classic and holistic massage techniques.

80 Min.  |  € 104,00

alpine herbal stamp massage

Relaxing. Balancing. Effective.
Soothing treatment ritual for complete relaxation, a gentle full-body massage with warm Alpine herbal stamps. Enjoy the pleasant effect especially in the back area.

50 Min.  |  € 84,00

Servus die WADL'N massage

Individual. Exclusive. Deeply effective.
The special foot and leg massage promotes circulation, the muscles are loosened and relax. The high-quality Edelweiss massage oil has an additional beneficial effect on regeneration.

50 Min.  |  € 84,00

Goodbye cellulite

Effective. Draining. Powerful.
This treatment is effective for unsightly cellulite. The synergy of body scrub, massage with cupping glasses and warming wrap helps to reduce the unsightly dents.

55 Min.  |  € 88,00

intense back massage

Intensive. Effective. Releasing.
Proven, professional massage techniques loosen blockages in the back. The warmed beeswax noticeably helps with discomfort in the back area.

50 Min.  |  € 84,00

feel good treatments

hot stone massage

Relaxing. Balancing. Effective.
This treatment is a special massage ceremony. Fiery basalt stones are used to release tension throughout the body to achieve deep relaxation. The muscles are loosened, the lymph flow is stimulated and tensions are released in a playful way.

75 Min.  |  € 107,00

myofascial massage

Highly effective. Individual. Deeply effective.
A fascia massage is used for various complaints and changes in the muscle and connective tissue.Through manual pressure
stimulation and the use of aids, fasciae are treated and blockages are relaxed deep into the tissue. Hardening and adhesions can thus be optimally eliminated.

75 Min  |  € 102,00


body scrub sweet balm

Salt – sweet balm – body scrub
Deep cleansing. Clarifying. Soothing. Fine sea salt and ground sweet balm leaves will leave you calm, relaxed and harmonized.

20 Min.  |  € 38,00

body scrub lemon

Salt – Lemon – body scrub
Deep cleansing. Stimulating. Soothing. This fruity – lemony aromatic sea salt scrub is invigorating, refreshing and stimulating.

20 Min  |  € 38,00

body treatments

body packs:

forest time out – body pack

Revitalising. Balancing. Soothing.
The moisturizing body cream with woody aroma is invigorating, will strengthen your immune system, will remove any tension from your muscles and leave your skin with vitality and glow.

20 Min.  |  € 40,00

dream time out – body pack

Revitalising. Calming. Balancing.
Pleasant sweet scent of exotic fruits and the fresh smell of coconuts is a morale booster to nurture your skin.

25 Min  |  € 40,00

mudpack – treatment:

Liberating. Revitalising. Relaxing.
Alleviates rheumatic diseases, relaxes the muscles and can help you deal with spinal problems.

25 Min  |  € 44,00

signature treatments

Steiner's Candle Light Massage

Individual. Personal. Exclusive.
A wonderful treatment with precious, warm plant butter from our massage candles that pampers your skin. The pleasant fragrances and gentle light allow your body and mind to relax.

50 Min.  |  € 86,00

Alpine Lomi lomi

Individual. Exclusive. Inspiring.
In search of a unique treatment just for our guests, we have developed this individual exclusive BergSPA treatment. This impressive massage experience with precious herbal oils from the mountains brings body, mind and soul into harmony. Deeply relaxing flowing massage strokes with the forearms, combined with local sounds send you on a very special kind of body journey.

80 Min  |  € 120,00

Must be love... massage for two...

Massage for two:
Romantic. Individual. Exclusive.
A romantic and atmospheric treatment where you and your partner are pampered from head to toe. The time for two can be spent chatting afterwards with soft music, a glass of sparkling wine and fresh fruit.

Partial massage + 15 min. after-rest
40 min. | € 120.00
Full body massage + 15 min. after-rest
65 min. | € 175.00

chill out for kids

Young princes & princesses (5-12 years)

kid's massage

Gentle. Loving. Relaxing.
Feel like an adult and enjoy the gentle massage with rose oil or white chocolate mousse.

20 Min.  |  € 25,00

kid's manicure or pedicure

Child-friendly. Special. Lovingly.
A relaxing manicure or pedicure for our princes & princesses. Nails are beautifully filed, groomed and painted in your favourite

25 Min  |  € 36,00

massage shared time

Together. Loving. Gentle.
The massage can be shared with a parent or sibling as desired..

50 min. | € 64,00

chill out for teens

Massage for kings & queens (13-18 years)

teenie massage

Cool. Loving. Gentle.
Gentle massage loosens minor tensions and strengthens muscles.

40 Min.  |  € 45,00

teenie cosmetics

Cleansing. Nourishing. Gentle.
The care treatment specially tailored for teenage skin. Cleansing, steam, cleansing, serum, massage or mask.

45 Min  |  € 51,00

for the lady

hydro active - the classic treatment

Cleansing. Moisturising. Activating.
Facial treatment that soothingly replenishes the softness of the skin, refreshes and gives vitality. Cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, deep cleansing, serum, massage, mask and vanishing cream.

55 Min.  |  € 70,00

elements of nature

Individual. Cleansing. Activating.
This anti-age treatment has a visibly smoothing effect, reduces expression lines and makes the skin look younger. Cleansing,
peeling, eyebrow correction, deep cleaning, serum, massage with lifting effect, mask and vanishing cream.

85 Min  |  € 118,00


Firming. Relaxing. Activating.
Intense cleaning with subsequent moisturising treatment with effective serum and mask. This treatment makes your skin glow.

25 Min  |  € 51,00

beauty booster

Individual. Activating. Firming.
The ideal facial treatment for a short yet deep-acting recovery experience for the skin. Cleansing, brow correction, deep cleansing, serum, massage and vanishing cream.

45 Min  |  € 58,00

hair removing

Legs complete
50 min. € 59,00
Legs to knee
25 min. € 34,00
Bikini and armpit zone
25 min. each € 23,00

Face and chin
15 min. each € 9,00

Darken eyelashes € 12,00
Darken brows € 12,00

Ladys world package

1 x Hand and feet dream 85 min.
1 x Beauty booster 45 min.
1 x darken eyelashes and brows
Only € 171,00 minus 10 %

for the gentleman


Firming. Relaxing. Nourishing.
Special care tailored to the needs of men‘s skin. Cleansing, peeling, serum, massage & mask.

55 Min.  |  € 70,00

irresistible male

Calming. Relaxing. Nurturing.
Just as the name suggests, a „must“ for modern men‘s skin. Enjoy being cared for and look forward to a beautiful manicure to boot. Cleansing, peeling, serum, massage, mask and a manicure.

85 Min  |  € 118,00

hair removing

Chest | 25 Min. € 34,00
Back | 25 Min. € 34,00

Mens world package

1 x Quickstart 55 Min.
1 x Pedicure 50 Min.
1 x Tauern magic massage 80 Min.
Only € 230,00 minus 10 %

for the gentleman

tired legs

1 x “Servus die Wadl‘n” massage 50 min.
1 x Well-Fit massage 50 min.
1 x Pedicure 50 min.
Only € 224,00 minus 10 %

tauern trio

1 x aroma oil massage 25 min.
1 x full body massage 50 min.
1 x herbal stamp massage 50 min.
Only € 209,00 minus 10 %

family day

1 x massage shared time 50 min.
1 x hot stone massage 75 min.
1 x alpine herbal stamp massage 50 min.
Only € 255,00 minus 10 %

wellness pure

1 x Steiner‘s Candle Light Massage 50 min.
1 x Mudpack treatment 25 min.
1 x Head and neck massage 25 min.
Only € 175,00 minus 10 %

Who sees farthest,
flies the highest.

...from the book "Die Möwe Jonathan"

Our massage & wellness treatments in Obertauern

The treatments are very popular with our guests and demand for them is correspondingly high. In order to be able to guarantee your desired treatments and appointments, we kindly ask you to fix them when making your reservation. The reception and the BergSPA team will be happy to help you with this.

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