Couple standing back to back in Hotel Steiner panoramic indoor pool
Close up of placed candles in relaxation room of Hotel Steiner
Family with children at a mountain lake
Woman climbs with equipment in a high ropes course
Friends at a restaurant table
So much NEW! since December 2022

Wellness and Active holiday 
at the Hotel Steiner

SPA Hotel in Obertauern at Salzburger Land

Family holidays are one thing - spa and active holidays are another

Two holidays that go in two completely different directions. To ensure that everything goes smoothly for both families and wellness guests, you have to choose wisely if you want a stress-free holiday.

Spa and active holidaymakers are sure to choose dates outside of school holiday time so that they can enjoy their days in the fresh mountain air.

An active holiday can be so beautiful.

Hours of sport and exercise in the fresh alpine air and the strengthening power of herbs and essences: spa packages for the face, eyes, hands, feet or back with soothing herbal stamps, fragrant scents and essential oils... we can't think of a better time to truly spoil yourself than on holiday!