Sightseeing around Obertauern

Obertauern is located in the heart of the Salzburg province – so the most beautiful excursion destinations and sights are also very close by.

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Obertauern again.

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"Alles Alm"

Adventure trail for the whole family

At eight themed stations, visitors learn about true events, curiosities and interesting facts about life on the mountain pasture, about nature and the numerous animals. The starting and end point is the observation tower at the large stone pine tree, from where visitors can slide into the fun. This is also where the fun alpine pasture quiz begins, which a clever little calf has prepared for the little visitors.

Between the individual hiking sections, visitors can relax at cosy themed rest areas and enjoy the magnificent view. Children can romp to their hearts’ content. The “Alles Alm” experience is free of charge and only 5 minutes by car from Obertauern.

Untertauern Leisure and Wildlife Park

experience it first hand

The game park extends over 11 hectares and is home to 40 wild animals in free enclosures. Attached to the game park is the family leisure park. (free admission)
Children particularly enjoy the adventure land with fish pond, swings, pile house, slide and many different small animals such as rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats, kangaroos and llamas. There is also a bathing lake that invites you to splash around.

Game Park
Have you ever had a big red deer eating out of your hand? During a visit to the game park you can experience many native game species up close.

Petting zoo and children’s playground
Children will especially enjoy the Adventure Land with its petting zoo and children’s playground.

Bathing lake
The Untertaur bathing lake is also located in the game park – our hot tip for all water rats and relaxation seekers.
Fed with fresh spring water, it provides refreshing cooling on hot summer days. For all those who prefer to “bathe” in the sun, there is a large sunbathing lawn adjacent to the bathing lake with a magnificent view of Untertauern and its local mountain, the Gaisstein.

Salzwelten Hallein

on the origin of the "white gold

Salt used to be called “white gold”: And indeed, the deposits in the Dürrnberg near Hallein, which were formed millions of years ago, are the region’s treasure trove. As early as 2,500 years ago, the Celts mined this precious gift from the mountain, as the impressive traces they left behind prove.

In the world’s oldest visitor mine, big and small visitors from the age of four go on a treasure hunt – and follow the mysterious, ancient tunnels of the miners for kilometres into the mystical mountain …

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